Xbox 360 fat hard drive


This introduces 2 Xbox 360 inner difficult drives and 4 Xbox 360 exterior difficult drives for you. In addition, this post additionally provides you guides on how to format and upgrade these drives. With MiniTool Partition Wizard, you deserve to clone disk and also develop a 2TB partition or Xbox 360.

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An Introduction to Xbox 360 Console

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft"s second-generation house console. On April 21, 2016, practically 10 years after its launch, the Microsoft Xbox 360 game consingle was discontinued. But Microsoft asserted that it will certainly proceed to carry out hardware and software program support for the existing Xbox 360.

The Xbox Live server will continue to be provided by the Xbox 360, and also users deserve to still play digital via the hold. Microsoft will certainly also proceed to sell the existing Xbox 360. The latest Xbox 360 operating system upday is released on Aug 21, 2019. This upday fixes some minor bugs and enhances some items.


Today, some people still prefer to usage Xbox 360 because some games may be compatible only with Xbox 360. Although Xbox One has actually presented the downward compatibility arrangement and also you can setup some Xbox 360 and Xbox classic games on Xbox One, tright here still might be some games not participating in this arrangement.

Tip: To inspect whether your favorite Xbox 360 games are compatible with Xbox One, please click Xbox One Backward Compatible Game Library.

Xbox 360 console has actually numerous series, consisting of Xbox 360 E, Xbox 360 S (namely Xbox 360 Slim), Xbox Premium, Xbox Elite, and so on These Xbox 360 consoles are all equipped through a hard drive not exceeding 250 GB, which obviously can"t satisfy the demands of gamers. In addition, to use some series choose Xbox 360 4G E and also Xbox 360 4G S, you need to purchase a sepaprice difficult drive.

Because of this, in this short article, I recommend you 6 Xbox 360 difficult drives. You have the right to upgrade your old and also little drive to the Xbox 360 interior tough drive or just include an Xbox 360 exterior hard drive.


2019 Best Xbox One External Hard Drives, SSDs (1TB, 2TB, 4TB)

What are the finest Xbox One outside difficult drives in 2019? List of 2019 ideal 10 exterior difficult drives (1TB, 2TB, 4TB) for Xbox One from Seagate, WD, Samsung, and so on.

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Recommended Xbox 360 Hard Drives

1. Internal Hard Drives for Xbox 360 E and Xbox 360 S

Xbox 360 S difficult drive and also Xbox 360 E difficult drive have the right to be rerelocated and also reput. Hence, you deserve to upgrade the Xbox 360 interior tough drive directly. In general, the Xbox 360 Slim hard drive and the Xbox 360 E difficult drive have the very same shape. It looks favor the complying with picture:


So far, 500 GB is the best capacity for Xbox 360 E and also Xbox 360 S internal hard drive. You can install game discs directly to the difficult drive to enjoy quicker game loading.

This drive is an main product from Microsoft, so you must not have actually any problems. You deserve to buy this 500GB inner tough drive for Xbox 360 E and Xbox 360 S in Amazon.

2. Internal Hard Drives for Xbox 360 Fat Consoles

Xbox 360 Fat console, also called the original Xbox 360 console, was released in 2005. Xbox 360 Slim and Xbox 360 E were released later on. The original Xbox 360 console is fatter than Xbox 360 S and also E. The shape of the interior difficult drive is additionally various from that of the last two consoles. The form is choose the adhering to one:


This drive is just compatible through the Fat consingle, not the Slim consingle. If you search in Amazon, you have the right to uncover this drive via a capacity approximately 320GB. Please check whether it is an main product prior to you pay for it.

3. Seagate Xbox External Hard Drives for Xbox 360 Consoles

After finding out about the Xbox 360 internal hard drives, you might be eager to recognize the recommended Xbox 360 outside difficult drives. For that, I recommfinish Seagate Xbox 360 tough drives, consisting of Game Drive for Xbox SSD, Xbox Video Game Pass Special Edition, Gears 5 Special Edition, and Standard Edition - the green one.

Tip: These drives deserve to be provided on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox 360 customers need to purchase a 2TB drive version bereason the Xbox 360 just accepts up to 2TB of exterior storage. When you usage these drives in Xbox 360, the drives might should be formatted. Click below to recognize more.

Seagate Video Game Drive for Xbox Standard Edition


It uses a capacity as much as 4TB, which allows you to keep even more than 100 Xbox games. It supports USB 3.0 connectivity and plug and play attribute so that you can begin the game in seconds. The warranty duration is three years.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD


With 2TB of space on this outside solid state drive, you can store even more than 50 games and also downloadable content. With the full-throttle speeds of a portable external SSD built specifically for Xbox, it reduces startup and also load time. This exterior solid state drive likewise functions a lightweight, shock-resistant design.

In enhancement, with over 2 months of Xbox Video Game Pass trial membership, you deserve to accessibility to even more than 100 games. It additionally supports USB 3.0 connectivity and 3-year warranty.


Seagate Video Game Drive for Xbox Gears 5 Special Edition


Gears presents a bigger, bolder world, so you may need a bigger, bolder hard drive to host it. The Game Drive for Xbox Gears 5 Special Edition via 2TB capacity that have the right to keep even more than 50 games can meet your needs.

This drive features the frozen Crimboy OMEN emblem and has Ice Block Lancer weapon skin and also extra Supply Drops rewards. In addition, it uses 1-month complimentary Xbox Video Game Pass membership which allows you to accessibility to Gears 5.

It likewise supports USB 3.0 and 3-year warranty.

Seagate Video Game Drive for Xbox Video Game Pass Special Edition


This drive has actually capacity specifications consisting of 2TB and 4TB. The 2TB Game Drive comes via 1-month Xbox Video Game Pass Trial Membership, while the 4TB drive comes with 2-month Xbox Game Pass Trial Membership.

In other facets, the Game Pass Special Edition drive is very same as the above discussed drives, for instance, USB 3.0 connectivity and 3-year warranty.


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Unfavor Xbox One, not all hard drives are compatible with Xbox 360 console. The Xbox 360 consingle of official edition need to usage dedicated inner difficult disk (namely main hard disks of Microsoft). Therefore, some people may like to usage the cracked variation, which have the right to be compatible with nearly all tough drives.

Although the cracked variation has actually many kind of virtues, it has a fatal flaw. The cracked variation might acquire banned as soon as Microsoft detects it virtual. Once your Xbox 360 console gets banned unfortunately, you can not log in Live to play netfunctioning games and this Xbox 360 consingle cannot read the hard disk, also though you relocation the new tough disk.

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So, if you are making use of the cracked variation, you"d much better not attach the network-related.

Tip: The official Xbox 360 hard drive will allow backwards compatibility, which permits you to play the original Xbox games. However, other tough drives just add extra space.


Sometimes, you might get a message choose "This game calls for an Xbox difficult drive" or "You require an Xbox 360 Hard drive to play (a game name)". If you still desire to download this game without buying an official Xbox 360 difficult drive, you can use a thumb drive or USB drive to downpack it.

How to Style Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Sometimes, you might enrespond to a instance wright here you have to format your Xbox 360 tough drive, for instance, the hard drive can not be known by the console; you want to use a USB flash drive as an Xbox 360 storage gadget and also store approximately 2 terabytes (TB) of content, and so on.. In a instance like these, you should format the Xbox 360 difficult drive. Here are two methods you deserve to describe.

Layout Drive in Xbox 360 Console

If you desire to format an inner hard drive, please follow the actions below:

Press the Guidebutton on your controller.Go to Settings and also choose System Settings.Select Storageor Memory.Select the storage tool that you want to format and then press Y on your controller.Select Format. You will gain the complying with notice: This will certainly delete all content on this gadget. Do you wish to continue?Select Yes to format the storage tool.
Tip: If prompted to enter your consingle serial number, please do so and then choose Done. This step will help guard against accidental formatting.

If you want to format a USB drive, please follow the procedures below:

Plug a USB flash drive right into a USB port on the front of your consingle.Navigate to Storageor Memory.Select USB Storage Device.Select either Connumber Nowor Customize to format the USB flash drive for Xbox content.
Note: Configure Now choice will erase the USB flash drive and connumbers 2 TB for Xbox storage, while Customize option enables you to connumber a part of the USB flash drive (as much as 2 TB).

Style Drive in a Computer (take Windows 10 as an example)

Connect the drive to a computer through a cable.Open Disk Management by pushing "Success + R" tricks and also entering "msc".Right-click the partition and pick Format.
Tip: When you format the drive in the computer, please select FAT 32 file mechanism, which is the just file system format that have the right to be known by the Xbox 360 consingle.



How to Upgrade Xbox 360 Hard Drive

If you want to upgrade your Xbox 360 to a bigger internal difficult drive, you deserve to describe the adhering to steps.

Tip 1: Connect the new drive to your Xbox 360 console with an Xbox 360 difficult drive transfer cable.

Step 2: Use the Transfer Content choice to move multiple items between storage tools.

From Xbox Home, go to Settings and also then choose System.Select Storage.Highlight the resource storage tool and then press Yfor Device Options.Select Transfer Content.Select the location storage tool.Select the kind of content that you desire to transfer and then pick Start to begin the transfer.
Tip: If the location storage device does not have sufficient room for the content you"re trying to transport, the Void Available bar will change to red, indicating that you have to mitigate the amount of content that you"re delivering.

If the over method fails, you have the right to attempt cloning disk in computer system with MiniDevice Partition Wizard. To do that, please describe the adhering to measures.

Free Download

Tip 1: Connect the 2 drives to a computer system via a cable.

Tip 2: Download MiniDevice Partition Wizard and launch it to go to its major interconfront.

Tip 3: Right-click the resource disk and also choose Copy. Then follow the wizard to copy the content to the tarobtain disk. At last, please remember to click Apply switch to execute the pfinishing operations.


After that, you deserve to relocation the old disk with the new Xbox 360 hard drive.

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Bottom Line

Do you have any type of various other problems through choosing Xbox 360 tough drive? Do you have actually any kind of various other referrals on the Xbox 360 tough drive? Please leave a comment below. Of course, if you have actually any kind of troubles with disk formatting or disk cloning, please email at . We will reply to you as soon as possible.