Xbox 360 keeps ejecting disc

even if its off or on, it ejects and also closes by itself. While playing likewise it ejects. i've readjusted the sexpedition of the sensor behind the switch however it still doing it. Eexceptionally time the eject sound comes and also it ejects . please assist don't understand what to carry out. I've noticed it heats a lot, so does that mean it'll eject the cd? Another point, also when i'm playing games threw my HDD, the tray keeps opening and also cshedding when tbelow is no disk in the console.

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It taken place to mine a pair months ago, I ended up hitting it pretty hard and also then it addressed itself

Do you have an Xbox S? Mine had problems through the butloads on the front (power and also eject) randomly activating so I had actually to take the Xbox apart and disconnect the butloads.

Here's a video on how to take the Xbox acomponent and here's a video on replacing the flex cable. Personally, I simply dislinked the flex cable and currently just use the controller to power on/off the consingle and open up the disc tray.

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You probably have actually it close to a heat source. The on and eject buttons are heat sensitive. If no warm source then its the cable, the buttons or the board aka system

I've read the various other comments and I'm sort of going out on a limb here, however you might try taking it apart yourself. There might be somepoint wrong through the disc drive so you can try adjusting it or even replacing it via a brand-new one. Good luck though!

The tray does not eject if it overheats in order to help cool the consingle. Generally once this difficulty accures with the CD tray something is obstructing its pathway. But from what you have actually stated this may not sound favor the case. If I am to be actual via you I would say your mechanism is around on it's method to the grave and you have to acquire a brand-new one.

If you cannot and also are willing to put up via just playing games by means of your hard drive I would imply you take a piece of tape and tape it shut to protect against the annoyance of it opening and also cshedding. I know this may not seem to be a lot assist but the issue you are having is the majority of most likely technological and I am going to assume you dont have a valid warranty in location in which you have the right to send your system in to gain it repaired by Microsoft.

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Also though depending on where you live you might have the ability to discover a location that does repairs to consoles and you deserve to try taking it in, yet if you do discover such a area they execute not carry out it for complimentary.