Xbox 360 slim beeps but wont turn on fix

Have you ever before run right into the trouble wbelow your Xbox One beeps yet it won’t rotate on? This is a prevalent problem via the Xbox One, however it can be fixed complying with a couple of easy measures.

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Tbelow are generally 2 scenarios where your Xbox One will certainly beep after pressing the power button, yet not revolve on:

You press the power switch, it beeps, yet won’t rotate on. After hitting the button a 2nd time, the consingle will turn on.When you push the power switch on your Xbox One, it won’t turn on. After hitting it a 2nd time, the Xbox still does not rotate on.

The initially scenario is sensibly prevalent and also can be because of the power state your Xbox One is in.

The second scenario is much more serious and also could need repairs or replacing your Xbox One.

Let’s walk with a couple of different means you have the right to deal with the concern of your Xbox One beeping, yet not turning on.

Option 1: Power Cycle your Xbox

This is the most evident (and easiest) solution for addressing your Xbox One when it beeps but doesn’t revolve on.

How to Power Cycle, Hard Recollection, and also Clear Cache for Xbox One

How to Power Cycle Your Xbox One:

With the Xbox One powered off, organize your power button dvery own for 10 secs.You’ll hear the consingle power off, and the power brick will certainly turn oselection briefly, white for one more second, and also then back to oarray.

This implies that your consingle has finished reestablishing and also is currently in a standby state.

If your Xbox One beeps yet still doesn’t rotate on, try pressing the switch one more time.

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This settle likewise functions for many various other problems such:

Gamings not startingDownloads StoppingSlow downpack or upfill speeds

Next, we’ll take a look at some other techniques that are a small little even more unorthodox but have functioned for others experiencing the worry of their Xbox One beeping yet not turning on.

Option 2: Tap the Eject Button Repeatedly


There’s constantly the possibility that your Xbox One power supply is swarm or on the brink of failing.

Any frays, bent wires, or damaged plastic casing on the power brick deserve to be an indicator your power supply is damaged, and also the reason why your Xbox One is not turning on.

Luckily, a new power brick is pretty cheap, and it’s definitely a lot cheaper than replacing or upgrading your Xbox One.

Side Note: The New Xbox One X and Xbox One Series X have a single power cord (and no brick) – another factor to upgrade to a newer Xbox console!

Here are our recommfinished replacement power supply bricks for the Xbox One:

Option 4: Unplug Your Xbox for 10 Seconds

If you’ve exhausted all various other alternatives, you deserve to unplug your Xbox One power supply from the outlet and also the Xbox One for 10 seconds to view if it resolves the worry of once your Xbox One beeps but doesn’t revolve on.

This is an internal power recollection, and various than power cycling your Xbox One.

If you need more help, Microsoft has actually a handy aid write-up on what to perform if tbelow is no power for your Xbox One, and also likewise a troubleshooting video

Were you able to solve your Xbox One Beeping But Not Turning On?

If you’re still having troubles where your Xbox One beeps yet doesn’t revolve on, it’s very feasible that your Xbox One requirements servicing.

You can examine out’s useful repair, tutorial, and troubleshooting guides, or you deserve to head over to Microsoft and have your Xbox One Console serviced (spoiler alert: it won’t be cheap).

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Worst case scenario, you have the right to constantly buy a new Xbox One if you don’t want to address it or are trying to find an excusage to upgrade.

Have any other concepts for just how to resolve your Xbox beeps yet won’t revolve on? Head over to our YouTube channel, drop us a comment listed below, or send a message using our Contact page. Game on!