Xbox 360 unformatted hard drive problem

Hello, I'm not really sure if I'm permitted to write-up this here, however I wanted to provide it a try. Today I turned on my xbox choose normal and also downloaded the new update for it. I left to execute something else while it downloaded, but when I came back and it was finimelted, it didn't seem to save me signed in. When I looked at the prodocuments for me to sign in, it shelp 0 prodocuments were tbelow. I likewise checked my storage and also my 250GB just says unformatted. I looked it up and world say that if I try to format it, it will certainly wipe amethod everything. Is there a way to solve it without acquiring rid of all my game saves/etc?


This seems to be an insect in the latest software update. The hard drive shows "Unformatted" randomly. I have had actually this difficulty and also tried to rerelocate my difficult drive from it's situation and connect it to my computer system using a SATA to USB bridge. (NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS, IT DID NOT WORK AND WILL VOID THE DRIVE'S WARRANTY) I had to initialize the drive but I was unable to repair it (the drive is formatted as FAT/EXFAT and home windows did not seem to acknowledge it as having anything on it. It appears that the Xbox (360 S; mid 2012) deleted every little thing on the drive (though the Xbox was only intended to perform a conserve and also pack first-time operation in Dark Souls I). Sadly you will need to format and also redownfill the prorecords (or buy a brand-new one and also hope a resolve is released)

Hope all goes well.

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Hey, I hope it's not also late. Go downfill a routine called "Horizon". It's a Xbox Mod regimen.

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If you have a lappeak, you're going to need a SATA to USB cable. If you have actually a desktop computer, then simply connect the hard drive as a servant drive.

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Your computer can say it needs to be formatted to check out, however obviously don't perform that. Open "Horizon" and also it will read the papers. From tright here you have the right to simply copy and also paste them to your computer system and also you don't have to concern about shedding your records.

Other solutions to your trouble though:

host down "sync" as soon as starting consingle or download latest update, then update xbox using USB. Or throw xbox ameans and obtain a Xbone :)


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