Xbox 360 wont read external hard drive

Does any type of one below knows how i might settle my xbox 360.My xbox does not desire to review my disc and i carry out not want to send it to microsoft because i do not have actually any kind of defense on it so if any type of one can aid please execute so thanks

I do not understand also it don"t desire to read a game yet periodically it renders a wired sound choose there"s something hitting something




Sorry, but the "embraced answer" is wrong. And cutting washers in fifty percent and also gluing them to the rail is additionally wrong. Unless you know the precise voltage for the POT settings, don"t waste your time trying to "tweak" them. 99% of the time the most basic and also quickest repair is to relocation the laser.

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This is usually caused by a failing DVD laser yet in some instances can likewise be as a result of the laser not returning to the park position and also for this reason gaining stuck at the finish of the rail. This worry usually only happens to the lite-on 74850C series drives, however might likewise take place to various other drives. Tbelow is a simple deal with if this is the case:

Get some 1-2mm plastic washers and also reduced 1 or 2 perfectly in half

Glue the 2 halves together in the half doughnut shape

Glue this piece at the finish of the rail on the inner side favor so (-

It"s tough to define in message yet you simply want the washer/s to stop the laser from going all the method to the end of the rail.

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simply take 360 apart clean laser via clean Q-TIP an alcohol that will certainly clean dirt or any kind of stuff off the laser it worked for me dont tighten screws to tight when placing together disc tray wont open up clean the system as soon as you open up it ok excellent luck.

So the story goes, M$ wanted the 360 to be thinner. The designers had actually to then reduced the heat sink under the DVD drive to accommoday the smaller sized space. As an outcome, the DVD over heats and ultimately fails. Cleaning normally does not job-related, as the laser is sealed from the back and just the lens is exposed. I have attempted to rearea the laser in one of mine and this surrendered no distinction in the performance of the console.

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LLAMA.COM has actually parts like the laser assembly if you are so inclined. Some game repair shops offer a DVD swap but you have to understand that the DVD firmware is keyed to firmware on board the major circuit board in the consingle. This requires one to "read" the encryption keys and also then reflash the brand-new drive with those keys.

Hope this helps.

if you changed the dvd essential that why its not functioning. if you didn"t then you have to uncover the difficulty. if its the laser clean it via alcohol or buy a new one.

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If you reinserted your Xbox"s disc drive it won"t check out games bereason the disc drive"s deck is not compatible, you need original deck through original Xbox to occupational, (deck is the board with a chip on it, situated on bottom of the disc drive.)

you shouldnt straight stare at the laser, other than that though, if your drive isnt working, then you havent acquired a lot to lose from trying anything - go ahead, you might surprise yourself -

Make sure the codec of your DVD disk is MPEG2 or it have the right to never before be review. Downfill HandBrake http://www.videoconvertermanufacturing and after you go right into the routine, select MPEG2 as the output, then burn the video to a empty disk and also insert aacquire to XBOX360. Or you can try an additional much easier means. In the selection list on the best side, you have the right to choose the output format of XBOX360, MP4 H264, i think and also stream the disk content to a USB and also insert the usb to the XBOX usb jack for playearlier.

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