Xbox controller battery pack fix

I uncovered this and also it functioned for me I fixed 2 battery packs I was prepared to throw out the window !!

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This is my initially tutorial, yet I had actually this difficulty a while earlier that my rechargeable battery packs for my xbox controller were no much longer charging appropriately. I would certainly plug them right into the charging dock for the light to flash red before going to green, when it obviously wasn"t charged appropriately.


I tried the old technique of unplugging and replugging the battery fill in until it continued to be red for longer, however this didn"t work-related for me.


This is just how to entirely drainpipe the battery pack and reset it so that it will certainly start to charge again!


What you need:

Rechargeable battery packs (the ones we are trying to fix)

a couple of paper-clips

A charging terminal or whatever you usage to recharge your packs



First bend your paper clip right into a horse shoe form, it is easier if you perform a few


Draining the Battery pack

You"ll check out 6 pins on the battery of the battery load.

<> <> <> <> <> <>


You have to usage the horseshow paper-clip to touch pins 2 and 5 together (in red)

The paper clip will certainly get hot, when it does either readjust paper clips or let it cool

Repeat this until tbelow is no charge left in the battery (the paper clips will certainly no much longer get hot)


*When you initially carry out this, you might find the paper clip doesn"t get hot, keep pushing 2 and 5 together and you will certainly begin to feel the heat*


To Recollection the battery indicator circuit

<> <> <> <> <> <>


First touch pin 1 and 5 together (blue)


<> <> <> <> <> <>


Then touch pin 2 and 6 together (red)


Now you need to be finished!


plug it right into the dock and good luck!


If you are having obstacles heating up the paperclip, below are a few tips:

Recollection the battery indicator (step 2) and also then try heating them up again. If you"ve accidently touched pins other than 2 + 5 together then it might stop the charge from being released

use the length of the paperclip rather of the tips, as the tips may be worn down

Rub pins 2 + 5 via the tips of your paper clip to cause a bit of friction





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