Xbox one blu ray error 0x91d70000

Several Xbox One customers have been getting the 0x91d70000 error code as soon as trying to play a disk from their Xbox One console. By looking specifically at the error code, it’s signaling that the formatting of the disk was not well-known. But in fact, the causes that can trigger this error are varied as it’s evidenced to happen in assorted scenarios.

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Error Code 0x91d70000

What’s leading to the 0x91d70000 error?

We investigated this specific concern by looking into assorted user reports and also by analyzing the various repair tactics that are frequently being used to resolve this problem. As it turns out, several various scenarios will certainly trigger this error code. Here’s a shortlist through culprits that might produce this error:

Firmware glitch – As it transforms out, a widespread scenario in which this error will occur is a firmware glitch. In this instance, you need to have the ability to deal with the concern by draining the power capacitors with a procedure like power cycling.Netoccupational inconsistency – Anvarious other possibility is that you’re encountering the problem due to a netoccupational inconsistency that is avoiding your Xbox One consingle from validating the Blu-Ray disk that you’re trying to insert. In this instance, a netjob-related rebegin would certainly permit you to deal with the concern.Dirty Blu-Ray Disc – A dirty or damage this can likewise facilitate the apparition of this error code. If you’re handling a deep scratch, there’s nopoint you can perform to avoid the error code. But if you’re seeing the error as an outcome of a dirty disk, you should have the ability to resolve the trouble by cleaning the disc through a soft fabric and isopropyl alcohol.Corrupted data inside Persistent Storage – Xbox One keeps a reserved room called Persistent Storage wright here it stores cached information regarded the Blu-Ray disks that you (as the user) inserts. Under particular circumstances, this data deserve to become corrupted which could end up resulting in the error. If this scenario is applicable, you have to have the ability to settle the problem by clearing the Persistent storage from the Settings food selection.Failing Optical drive – As it transforms out, this issue deserve to likewise start to occur in the time of the beginning stperiods of a failing Optical drive. In this case, you deserve to still circumvent the error code for a while by perdeveloping what is recognized as the ‘gripping method’.

If you’re presently struggling to resolve this very same issue, this article will carry out you through several different troubleshooting guides that could just deal with the issue. Dvery own listed below, you’ll discover a number of different repair methods that various other affected customers have actually effectively supplied to resolve this error message.

For the ideal outcomes, we advise you to follow the techniques listed below in the same order as we arselection them in. Eventually, you need to stumble upon a deal with that will fix the worry regardless of the culprit that’s causing it.

Let’s begin!

 Method 1: Percreating a Hard Recollection & netoccupational restart

The majority of influenced individuals have regulated to gain roughly the 0x91d70000 error code by percreating a difficult reset (power cycling) coupled through a netoccupational rebegin. This will be effective in scenarios wright here the problem is being brought about by either a glitch or a temporary network difficulty.

On optimal of refreshing eextremely Xbox component, this procedure will certainly also drain the power capacitors, which will finish up reresolving a lot of firmware-connected worries. Here’s a quick overview on perdeveloping a difficult reset to fix the 0x91d70000 error code:

With your console turned ON, push and also host the Xbox switch (in front of the console) for 10 secs or more (or till you view that the front LED stops flashing)
Perform a hard recollection on Xbox OneAfter the console is fully powered off, let’s turn your attention towards your router. Either press the rebegin button on your router (if you have actually one) or press the Power button twice (once to power it off, and once to rotate it ago on).
Rebeginning your router/modem

Note: You can additionally physically disattach the power cable associated to the rexternal and wait a couple of seconds before refounding the network-related gadget.Turn your console ago on by pushing the Xbox button once again and also repeat the action that was previously triggering the error code.If you’re still seeing the 0x91d70000 error code, relocate dvery own to the next strategy below.

Method 2: Cleaning the BluRay disc

Anvarious other potential culprit that will certainly trigger the 0x91d70000 error is a dirty or damaged disk disc. As several affected customers have actually reported, this certain error can take place if the disc is dirty or is simply not supported by your Xbox One consingle.

If the format of the disc is not supported, there’s nopoint you deserve to execute around it. But if the disc functioned prior to or you know that your Xbox One console should have the ability to play it, you should think about cleaning your disc for dust that can be staying clear of the optical block from reading it.

The right method of cleaning a dirty disc is to usage isopropyl alcohol and a soft fabric. Isopropyl alcohol dries up easily, so you don’t need to issue about leaving behind any by-products that could damage the optical block.

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Keep in mind that in case you’re managing a deep scrape, this solution will certainly not be effective. But in instance the concern is emerging because of a superficial scratch or dirty area, the instructions below need to deal with the issue:

Sprinkle some isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth and also begin rubbing the disk that’s leading to the 0x91d70000 error.
Cleaning the DVD resulting in the 0x91d70000 errorOnce you regulate to clean the disk, air dry it up for at leastern 5 seconds. But make sure to do it in a non-dusty area.Insert the disk back into your Xbox One Console and also view if the issue has actually been readdressed.

If you’re still encountering the 0x91d70000 error, move down to the following technique below.

Method 3: Clearing the Persistent Storage

Several Xbox One individuals that we’re additionally encountering the 0x91d70000 error exclusively via BluRay discs controlled to resolve the problem by accessing their console’s settings and also clearing the persistent storage.

The Persistent Storage is a space that Xbox one automatically creates to store content that’s concerned the Blu-Ray disks that you insert. In a lot of cases, it will certainly contain extra features for your movies.

Clearing the persistent storage is an main settle that is recommended by Microsoft in instances where the user is encountering the 0x91d70000 error. Here’s a quick guide on clearing the persistent storage on an Xbox One Console:

From the major Dashboard menu of the Xbox One console, access the Settings menu.
Accessing the Setups menu on Xbox OneInside the settings display, access the Console settings, then pick Disc & Blu-Ray sub-alternative from the best pane.
Accessing the Disk & Blu-Ray menuOnce you’re inside the Disc & Blu-Ray food selection, accessibility the Persistent storage menu (under Blu-Ray).
Accessing the Persistent Storage menuChoose Clear Persistent storage and wait for the process to finish.Rebegin your consingle and also see if the concern is readdressed at the following system startup.

Method 4: Percreating the Gripping Method

Tbelow is one unstandard strategy that seemed to work-related for numerous affected individuals. The error code is essentially signaling that the formatting of the disk was not recognized. Some individuals have actually discovered that if they grab the disk as quickly as they insert it and proccasion it from entering, the Blue-Ray Disk will certainly obtain known without the apparition of the 0x91d70000 error.

Gripping the DVD on Xbox One

Although several different customers have actually evidenced that this technique has actually worked for them, the procedure is rather tricky. You desire it to grab the disk, yet you don’t desire to overdo it because you run the risk of damaging or stressing the optical drive motor.

Important: This concern typically starts to take place throughout the early on stages of a failing optical drive. If you’re still protected by warranty, you need to first contact customer assistance prior to trying out this technique.

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If you desire to try this approach, percreate it at your very own threat. But keep in mind that’s always the risk of damaging the optical motor and even scratching your BluRay disk.