Xbox one controller double pressing

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When it comes to controller issues on Xbox, they normally allude towards some type of hardware malfeature. This is to say that software bugs are rather rare. However before, we uncovered a lot of user reports stating that the Xbox controller is going as well rapid, behaves erratically, skips tiles in the Dashboard or also scrolls also quick throughout the gameplay.

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Here’s what one user had actually to say around the difficulty at hand also on the main assistance forum:
hi, I’m not sure if tbelow has actually been an upday overnight or somepoint but this particular day my controller is relocating way too rapid on the house screen to pick anypoint. If I tap a direction vital it jumps 2 or 3 spaces in any kind of direction I push. The very same with the thumb stick. If I push a button it tries to push so rapid it doesn’t register the click properly <…>

If you have actually exact or equivalent concerns, check the actions we provided below.

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My Xbox controller is moving way as well rapid on Dashboard and also in games

1. Disable Quick Scroll

Although it verified to be harder than meant, we discover out (sort of) the sequence of butlots you should push on the Home display in order to disable the Quick Scroll function. This function enables for the analog stick to relocate you faster via the Dashboard tiles. However, some customers don’t want this to be the situation.


Firmware updates are typically instantly spread yet you deserve to check for easily accessible updates manually by following these steps: