Xbox one controller keeps vibrating pc

I"m making use of Xbox One controller through a COMPUTER. I"m not substantial fan of a vibration (rumble) function, and I constantly disable it in all games, tright here such option is accessible. But still it vibrates eexceptionally time COMPUTER is turning on. Is tright here any method to diable Xbox One controller vibration completely on a PC?


Unfortunately, it"s not possible to rotate the vibration off on a PC. Only games have actually the alternative to turn it off.

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Due to the fact that 2018, it is feasible to revolve off vibration on a normal Xbox One Controller. Download the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store. Then, plug in your controller, open up the application, and pick Connumber.

Create a new profile, and also click Edit. Untick the Turn On Vibration box, and also save the profile. To activate it, choose Slot 1 from the "Slot" Drop-dvery own food selection. Done.




If you own an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, you have the right to disable vibrations on a per-controller per-profile basis via the Xbox Accessories app on Windows 10 or Xbox One.

Simply develop a new configuration or modify existing ones, and set whichever vibration sliders to 0 you want. Don"t foracquire to conserve the configurations to either profile 1 or 2 on your controller.

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While the sliders for "Left trigger" and also "Right trigger" are self explanatory, the ones for "Left main" and also "Right main" are a tiny bit misleading. The "Left main" slider controls the huge motors for rough, powerful, low-frequency vibrations. The "Right main" slider controls the tiny electric motors for weak, high-frequency vibrations.

The Xbox Accessories app deserve to (currently) not be offered to connumber continual Xbox One controllers.


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