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There are some gameplayers complaining that their Xbox One controller goes to quick all of a sudden. So, is your Xbox controller going as well fast? What have the right to you execute when your Xbox One controller going as well fast? You deserve to obtain answers from this post of MiniDevice currently.

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Xbox Controller Going Too Fast

When talking about Xbox One controller worries prefer Xbox One won’t affix to WiFi, Xbox One cannot check out discs effectively, Xbox One won’t turn on, hardware is frequently the first one to blame. To some degree, this phenomenon means that software program error is rare. Recently, Xbox controller going too fast is frequently questioned in many type of user reports.


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How to settle Xbox controller going as well fast? If you are also bothered by this error or some other concerns that are comparable to it, please take the complying with remedies as recommendation.

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Fix 1: Disable Fast Scroll

Is your Xbox controller going too quick on Dashboard and also in games? Probably, you can consider disabling Quick Scroll. Though the procedure is showed to be more challenging than meant, the order of buttons you must press on the Home display screen to disable the Quick Scroll function.

The Rapid Scroll feature enables you to move through Dashboard tiles faster by using the analog stick. However, some individuals don’t desire to do this procedure. If you would certainly like to disable the Rapid Scroll feature, you have the right to push RB plus confront buttons (one of them). Have a shot and look for some renovations.

Then check if the Xbox One controller runs as usual. If not, please relocate on to the following solution.

Fix 2: Unplug Your Controller and Reset the Console

When your Xbox controller goes also fast, you are able to unplug the controller or shut it dvery own. Then reboot the controller. Here are specific actions for you.

Step 1: Press the Power resource switch for 10 secs (at least). Then wait for some time until the controller shuts dvery own totally.

Tip 2: About one minute later, reopen up the Xbox controller and also recollection your consingle.

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When you finish the entirety operation, check if your Xbox One Controller runs generally.

Fix 3: Upday Your Firmware

If there’s nopoint wrong with the controller, it is recommfinished that keeps the console firmware approximately date. It is shelp that the error is within the system, which has been addressed by Microsoft later.

Typically speaking, firmware updates are instantly spread and you deserve to check for updates manually. Here’s exactly how to perform.

Tip 1: Open the Setups of your firmware.

Step 2: Choose the System alternative, and also then pick Updates.

Step 3: Choose the Update Consingle option to check out whether there are any available updays for you. If so, downpack and install the latest version of firmware. After that, your Xbox One controller may occupational usually and you deserve to gain your game aget.

That’s all the solutions that this short article provides you. Is your Xbox controller going also fast? If so, don’t hesitate to obtain an Xbox One controller repair now! You have the right to pick one from the 3 provided solution openly.

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