Xbox one controller stops working mid game pc

Discus and assistance Controllers randomly stop functioning mid-game in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; I am having actually an worry through making use of controllers connected via Bluetooth to my gaming PC. It is an XBox One Controller on Windows 10, and also at regular and also...Discussion in "XBoX on Windows" started by Matt913, Nov 14, 2020.

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I am having an issue through making use of controllers associated by means of Bluetooth to my gaming PC. It is an XBox One Controller on Windows 10, and also at regular and random occasions, the controller will simply soptimal responding to all inputs. Control stick, confront butloads,whatever except turning the controller off ceases to attribute for a not-insignificant period of time.I've tried every little thing to get this solved. I've tried updating the .NET frame, I've tried scans, I've tried updates, I've even gone as much as resetting my operating device, all to no avail. This is a problem that occurs via multiple XBox Onewireless controllers.Is this a universal problem pertained to a current update to the operating mechanism, or is the difficulty something a lot, much worse? :)

Hey tright here BlindBoyGrunt68 and also NITRO 187.Sorry to hear you're having trouble with controller disconnects. If a power cycle just provides a temporary solution you might want to test a various controller to watch if there is any kind of readjust. If you have any USB devices plugged right into your Xbox One also try rerelocating those to watch if tright here is any type of adjust.If you're still having trouble please produce a new threview, as this particular threview is over a year old. Thank you

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comparable issue. xbox light remains on and also shows connected yet controller is unresponsive, only solution is to shut dvery own and also reboot. Problem is that the problem does not go amethod. Any thoughts?

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Hi Kartracer247,Thank you for posting on the Xbox forums. I'd be ahppy to aid.By the looks of it based on your description, I believe the worry lies with the controller, perhaps the wireless adapter inside of the controller. In order to test this, we must dominion out your consingle. Go ahead and do atough reset and power cycle. Hold dvery own the power switch on the console for around 10 secs until it shuts dvery own and then remove the power cable from the Xbox and also the power outlet for about 2-3 minutes. Then re-attach and also turn on the Xbox. If that doesn't aid then you will should try out asoft manufacturing facility recollection.Press the Xbox button to open the guide.Select System > Settings > System > Console info. Select Recollection console. Make sure to choose "Keep my games & apps" and also have actually the correct account login information plus your Wi-Fi password ready if you attach wiremuch less bereason you will certainly should re-add the account's that were on the Xbox and re-attach to your netoccupational in the time of the reset.If the controller proceeds to not respond randomly after that troubleshooting, I suggest acquiring a micro-USB cable and also attach it that way. If you understand anyone with an Xbox One console, attempt the exact same controller on it and check out if it disconnects.Try it out and also let us know the results!