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So basically, I got an XB1S at Microcenter a bit earlier. They had them for favor $200 for I was favor awesome I can complete up a bunch of games I very own from earlier once I had a One prior to. As quickly as I gained home and also turned it on, it started choose, this sustained chirping sound. It was really REALLY more accurately, piercing. Pierced with any type of various other sound. Not coil whine, absolutely not a hard drive sound. Just right up favor a continual cricket sound from the fan. Dreadful and you could hear it throughout the room. Even tried different plugs in the residence and also nothing readjusted.Looked it up and supposedly this is an concern some S"s have. As much as I deserve to tell, it"s a style fregulation through the snap ring on the fan, and if removed this regularly fixes the issue. Others said it could be a ball bearing concern. But prefer, I"m not going to open my brand-new Xbox and void the warrenty. I simply freaking bought it. So I took it ago.It was the last of their BFV bundles, so they gave me an NBA bundle. I figured hey, cool, different SKU, more than likely a various batch. It"ll be fine.Nope. It was WORSE.Oh my gosh so I took it earlier in for an additional NBA bundle. Took that home. Same problem...however a little better. With choose, speakers on, my PC headset simply sitting on my head listening to youtube, my ceiling fan which is loud going, and TV noise in the various other room, it was harder to hear. But the moment any type of sound went away you can hear it aobtain. This awful, grating chirping sound.My old One was never choose this. I don"t mind a loud fan. I don"t also mind some coil whine. But this is just. Ahhh. My buddy"s S does not perform this. My brother"s S does not perform this. Until relooking this online I"d never before heard them perform this.So I checked out the Microsoft store we have actually in tvery own and they sassist return it to Microfacility and also they will price enhance them. So I perform that. Girlfriend spots me the $200 considering that the remoney won"t present up for that knows just how lengthy, and also I"ll pay her earlier Friday.

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Cool. Go in, they"re favor, hey take any type of one you want. Awesome! I"m feeling a lot better and get the purple Fornite one. $200 for that? A steal. I"m happy.Go home. And for when, just turning on package doesn"t make it insanely loud. Just a normal fan noise. Weirdly a little bit loud but hey I kbrand-new S"s are louder than vanilla nbd. Super happy. Uh, but then later on that night, I"m playing Forza 6. And it starts not simply whining, but favor, whistling, and also chirping. I can hear it over the sound of the game. And NOW it"s starts clicking. I suppose at least it doesn"t carry out this at idle (er at leastern, I hadn"t noticed, yet now via no sound yeah...I can hear it at idle), yet after any extfinished duration of any type of game at all, I gain this awful piercing chirping cricket whistling and now clacking of the fan.So. I ask my buddy to sfinish me a recording of his S simply to choose, prove to me I"m not crazy and he"s like certain however mine does not make any kind of noise whatsoever before. Sends me a video clip. You can not hear a thing. Also a man in a discord I"m in discussed his Purple fortnite S additionally made a weird noise. leastern I"m not completely crazy this shouldn"t" sound like this...however...FOUR IN A ROW???So.In great news, turns out my Girlfrifinish had actually been planning a gift for me for some time now, and she decided now was a perfect time to not let me pay her ago for the Xbox, and that"s her gift. So turns out, I now have $200 + what I would certainly get back if I wregarding rerotate the purple XB1S. Enough to gain one of their cheaper X"s deals they have actually.So now unexpectedly I can get an X, which would be awesome bereason then I could play some points like RDR"s growth, Fable, and replay Gears 2 and 3 whatever in HD, which would be sick. Or I could just conserve myself $200, although favor I sassist, I had actually budgeted to account for spfinishing that $200 already. So it wouldn"t be too significant of an problem.So yeah Period. Um, think I ought simply try for yet one more S? Since I"m not liking my odds lol. Or just say screw it and acquire the the X and hope it doesn"t have the very same concern. Like male I"ve never before taken into consideration myself picky prefer this yet the sound seriously renders me uncomfortable. Read about some other people who had to go with 2 various S"s until they gained a great one on their third. It"s genuinely worse than my PS4 Pro, which is even more simply loud.I think my only worry is that my luck is just awful and that I might acquire a negative X. Heard about those deserve to have problems as well, yet that"s been a while given that the many recent one I"ve checked out.TL;DR: Originally might only afford an S for cheap. Stuff happened and currently I might probably get an X actually. Trying to decide if I really want to go via the hassle of acquiring one more fifth S for it to simply be negative aacquire, and also if X"s have actually this same concern with the exact same regularity. Due to the fact that boy I don"t desire to return yet another xbox.