You do not have access rights to logical disk manager

As Administrator for the office PC"s running Windows 10, I attempted to defragment a PC"s hard disk drive. The Windows indicated that defragmentation was not an choice. On the defragmentation screen, I noticed that the drive (HDD, C:) was mistakenly classified as Type= Solid State Drive. So, I proceeded to Windows Disk Management to investigate further. Windows blocked my attempt to accessibility the Disk Manager through the message "You perform not have actually access rights to Logical Disk Manager on ". But this is among 15 the same 1-yr-old PC"s, and I have no challenge accessing Disk Manager in all various other the same PC"s, which I have actually never reconfigured from their initial Windows defaults. Ideas?

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Hi Novice. I"m Greg, an installation specialist, 10 year Windows MVP, and Guardian Moderator right here to aid you. See if the fixes right here help: you have actually shed Admin civil liberties then try these procedures leading approximately if crucial producing a new Local Account which sometimes is the just means to escape Account Corruption in Windows 10: Right click Start switch to open Run box, copy and paste in netplwiz, push Enter.Highlight your account, then click Properties, then Group Membership tab. click Administrator, then Apply, OK, rebegin COMPUTER.If that doesn"t aid then try this: can additionally try taking ownership of the impacted files or folders to watch if this suffices. Use this handy tool that adds Take Ownership shortreduced to your ideal click context menu: nothing helps attempt producing a brand-new Local Admin Account to authorize into to view if it works: you can"t acquire the rights to execute this then usage whichever method functions below to permit the covert Built-in Administrator to be supplied only in emergencies: It might be important to create Windows 10 Installation Media on another PC to accessibility the Command also Prompt without needing a password: http://home Insert media, boot it by powering up COMPUTER while pressing the BIOS Boot Menu Key: the boot gadget as a UEFI gadget if offered. If the media won"t boot you may should enter BIOS/UEFI Setup (pressing crucial given in chart in connect above) to turn off Rapid Boot or Rapid Startup first. After it loads, on second screen, choose Repair Your Computer, then Modern Startup Options, first try System Resave to a allude before this. If that falls short then choose Command Prompt to follow the action over to access Built-in Admin Account.Sign into Hidden Admin account, check out if you have the right to usage netplwiz now to elevate the account. If not try another of these methods: not then set up a brand-new Local Admin Account, sign right into it, relocate your files over, collection it up, hide the Hidden Admin Account, once prepared delete the old account in Setups > Accounts > Family and Other Users.I hope this helps. Feel cost-free to ask earlier any inquiries and let us understand exactly how it goes. I will keep working with you till it"s resolved.________________________________________________________Standard Disclaimer: Tright here are web links to websites. The pages show up to be providing specific, safe indevelopment. Watch out for ads on the sites that may advertise products commonly classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products). Thoapproximately study any kind of product advertised on the sites before you decide to downfill and also install it. See right here for exactly how to try to recoup Admin rights:

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