You were signed into psn on another ps4

PSN License Issue And How To Get Your PS4 Gamings Working Again – Find out around the PSN license concern and deal with problems through your PS4 game licenses.

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Because the launch of PlayStation 4, we’ve come across the worry with licences numerous times, yet by adhering to a few straightforward measures we’ve controlled to deal with it!

Is there a difficulty through your PSN license?

The the majority of prevalent problem is when you revolve on your PlayStation 4 and also there’s a lock next to all your digital games. For some factor, the PSN does not recognize that you very own the content, and when you try and start the game you’ll be greeted through the message: “cannot verify the license” or “PS4 game license cannot be verified”.

Here’s our step-by-action guide on how to resolve these concerns on your PlayStation account. Follow them in order.

How to resolve PS4 game license issue

1. Log out and also log ago in

Yep, it’s the the majority of easiest of fixes, but you’d be surprised at exactly how often this works. Just shut down your PS4 and also boot it back up and if the problem is still tright here relocate onto step 2.

2. Are you actually signed into the profile associated with that account?

While some gamers will certainly immediately sign-right into their PSN profile when they boot up, others will manually should authorize in. Press up on the control pad, go to Setups > PlayStation Netjob-related > Sign in. Click ‘Yes’ if asked if this is your Key PS4 account.

3. Check the PSN standing – is it down?

We carry out constant updates at PlayStation Universe on the PlayStation Netoccupational condition, and also you deserve to also inspect the PSN dvery own detector to watch whether there’s a problem. If there is, it’s simply a issue of waiting until the network-related is back virtual. Keep an eye on our homepage or the main PlayStation server status UK page or UNITED STATE web page.

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4. Deactivate as main PS4 account

On many occasions, actually deactivating your main PS4 account has actually operated for us and gets rid of the lock hovering over your game icons. This won’t cause you any troubles, as you can always re-activate aacquire.

Go to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management> Deactivate as your main PS4.

Now check to check out if you deserve to play your games.

5. Possible DRM issues

If you have bought a second-hand copy of a game, obtained it from a frifinish, or downloaded a digital variation of a PS4 game that you’ve previously owned on disc, it could be a DRM issue.

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Try these steps:

Uninstall your disc version of the game, orAsk previous owner to uninstall their disc version

6. Rekeep your license

There’s a reclaim license option that permits you to gain back any type of games or add-ons that you bought from the PlayStation Store on PSN.