Your account does not meet the requirements

So I wanted to include a friend on Steam, and this message popped up saying "Your account does not accomplish the requirements to usage this function. Visit Steam Support for even more information.". I have heard about this "feature"(which sucks imo) however I have actually spent even more than 20 euros for in game items and also additionally games, AND I have actually purchased a couple of games through Steam. My Steam wallet is presently empty because I bought 5 Operation phoenix situations a couple of days ago. I likewise posted a couple of hrs earlier on r/valve and also didn't acquire any type of feedago. Help please EDIT: Here's a screenshot

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Try contacting Valve as you need to have the ability to add friends as you have actually invested more the $5, have actually you tried restarting your steam?

Get your friends to include you till you spend sufficient.The feature can suck for you, however for the world getting spammed by scambots it's an excellent concept.

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You need to buy or be gifted a purchased game. My brother in regulation had actually the very same concern as soon as he produced his initially Steam account. Steam has an awesome amount of great sales at the moment, tright here is also Humble Bundle and also for great game sales.

Actulally I never before had this concern prior to. Here's a list of my games: Counter Strike:Global Offensive Dirt 3(retail, activated via heavy steam and gained the "Complete edition" for activating with steam) Dirt Showdown(retail) Garry's Mod GTA 3 GTA 4 GTA 4 EFLC GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City Hitman:Absolution(from AMD Gaming Evolved bundle) Insurgency(Got for free from HumbleBundle) Left 4 dead 2(obtained for free on Christmas 2013) Mirror's Edge(a friend gave me the key) Payday 2(from AMD Gaming Evolved bundle) Portal 1&2 Postal 2 Sleeping Dogs(retail) I likewise invested alot of money right into TF2 and CSGO


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