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I"m only obtaining this error via instances that were spun up via Esri AMIs. And I did uncover one short article on the AWS forums (through no resolution) about this concern. Does anyone know what the troubleshooting/correction actions are for this issue? I have actually not began any kind of troubleshooting actions yet.

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Rebegan circumstances (No effect).Checked KMS . (No KMS Issues).Turned off firewall, modified C:Program FilesAmazonEc2ConfigServiceSettingsconfig.xml by establishing Ec2WindowsActivate to Enabled.Rebegan Ec2Config business.Success! Turned firewall ago on. on yet I still need to test the KMS...I more than likely still have to open up up a port.Firewall is earlier on and no problems.

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EDIT:AWS Forum Link:




You can attempt this:

"The AWS Diagnostics for Microsoft Windows Server tool is available totally free of charge and have the right to be downloaded and installed from"

"One use instance is diagnosing troubles with Key Management Service (KMS) activations. KMS activation deserve to fail if you have readjusted the DNS server, added instances to a domajor, or if the server time is out of sync. In this instance, rather of trying to research your configuration settings manually and debugging the worry, run the AWS Diagnostics for Microsoft Windows Server tool to give you all the information you require on possible concerns."



This is what functioned for me, but I have actually a feeling this issue will certainly come ago so this answer may change:

Turned off firewall, modified C:Program FilesAmazonEc2ConfigServiceSettingsconfig.xml by establishing Ec2WindowsActivate to Enabled.Restarted Ec2Config business.Turned firewall earlier on.

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