Your administrator has disabled teredo locally


The net controller appears to be the same in both machines, both drivers called the very same however, discomparable driver versions.

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Yet, alert that home windows states that both drivers are as much as date.

How can that be?

Because home windows says that both vehicle drivers - one obviously newer than the various other - are up to date for the same hardware on two various boxes.

Then my only conclusion have the right to be to not trust home windows as soon as it says that a driver is as much as date.

They both can"t be "up to day."


Regardless of that, the FAILS box initially operated for a week or so then "No Internet Access" pops up in the tray.

I"ve had this occur as soon as prior to on a Victory 7 x86 box that I have actually considering that nuked and also redeveloped.

As a issue of truth, that previously failing, nuked and reconstructed box is the WORKS machine in this instance, (the M5A97 LE R2.0)

Yes, that very box that WORKS now offered to have actually the exceptionally exact same problem once it was a Victory 7 x86 box.

It is this netfunctioning SNAFU that caused me to nuke and also redevelop the WORKS box in the initially area.

The WORKS box has actually been running for numerous months currently.

The FAILS box is simply weeks old.


So, the issue goes prefer this. One day the dreaded "No Web Access" message reflects up in the tray.

"Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsNetwork and also Sharing Center" has a big red X in between the Network-related and also Internet icons.

Click the red X, run the troubleshooter, and the error constantly is "Administrator has actually disabled Tereexecute locally", or somepoint like that.

The just method that I have actually uncovered to get rid of the red X is to install and enable the Tereperform adapter.

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Now that the red X is gone the Network-related tray icon is happy. The Network-related Map is as it must be.


But currently all internet peras tried in Mozilla just time out.

"Local Area Connection Status" says:

IPv4 Connectivity: Internet

IPv6 Connectivity: No Web Access


Yet, some pings currently rerevolve only IPv6 information despite the over "IPv6 Connectivity: No Web Access."

I have never checked out an IPv6 rerotate from a ping till currently.


Here are the pings from the WORKS and FAILS boxes.



C:Windowssystem32>ping google.comPinging <> with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=55Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=55Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=55Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=55


The home windows firewall on the FAILS box has actually been turned OFF throughout all.


This may additionally be incredibly important.

If I turn OFF IPv6 assistance at my router, the FAILS box"s pings change to this:



So, obviously, the only working Web connectivity on the FAILS box is IPv6.

But remember that the:

"Local Area Connection Status" says:

IPv4 Connectivity: Internet

IPv6 Connectivity: No Net Access


When I turned OFF IPv6 assistance at the rexternal, the FAILS box went to:

IPv4 Connectivity: No Web Access

IPv6 Connectivity: No Web Access

The "IPv4 Connectivity" went to "No Web Access" despite the reality that I turned OFF the IPv6 support.


All other boxes on my netoccupational never before readjusted.

All of their;

"Local Area Connection Status" said:

IPv4 Connectivity: Internet

IPv6 Connectivity: Internet

also though IPv6 assistance was OFF at the rexternal.

All various other boxes still had useful Mozilla internet connectivity with IPv6 turned OFF at the router.


Please! does anyone know why internet connectivity falls dvery own so significantly on one box and works fine on many type of various other boxes?


I realize that I will most likely need to completely rip out, recollection, and reinstall anypoint to perform with networking on the FAILS box.

So, if anyone knows of an excellent primer on rip out, recollection, and also reinstevery one of netfunctioning, that would likewise be extremely appreciated.

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Of course, if anyone knows precisely why this happens and also exactly how to proccasion it (preferred) or resolve it after the fact I, and also I think many type of others on the internet, would choose to check out that answer.