Your outlook data file cannot be configured

The solution for “Your Outlook Data paper cannot be Configured Outlook 2016, 2010” error

Many common error Outlook data record cannot be configured Windows 10 is oboffered many times while opening Outlook 2016, 2010 variation. Most of us are utilizing Microsoft Outlook email client as it is among the ideal, secured and well-arranged application. Widely offered by many kind of optimal providers for their communication function.

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It is one of the favorable email clients because it always come up through new and progressed features in its brand-new variation. Users get tempt to it incredibly quickly as its GUI is likewise exceptionally interenergetic, straightforward to manage and also completely supportive for Windows OS. But, while utilizing Microsoft Exchange server OST file, there itself one error message flashes out saying Outlook Data document cannot be configured. This error message is pathetic for the users who are working on daily basis with Outlook 2016, 2010. Let’s dig in more and also put some light on the error and understand the reasons, causes, and also solution around why Outlook data file cannot be configured!

Symptoms to inspect the error “Outlook Data record cannot be configured” how it looks like!

While functioning on Outlook 2016, 2010 you will certainly see the adhering to form of pop images and Outlook does not start.

1 : Your Outlook data file cannot be configured.


2 : Cannot begin Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open up Outlook home window. Set of Windows cannot be opened.


Why does the error “Outlook data paper cannot be configured” occur?

Execution of Roaming propapers This error problem is greatly encountered with the roaming profile of Outlook individuals which are linked via MS Exchange Server of an company. These prodocuments are basically saved on the mutual network which is rather advantageous for users to affix via their Outlook prodocuments and also communicate with any type of computer system. Hence, after execution of this activity user even more particularly gets the error saying Outlook data record cannot be configured with roaming profiles! Missing of OST & PST file This is just one of the the majority of common problems for error saying Outlook information papers cannot be configured. While importing Outlook profile mechanism can acquire crash as a result of which OST and PST file get misplaced. Hence this error pops up a number of times. Virus Attack OST and PST papers obtain corrupt as a result of virus assault, logical error, or any type of kind of synchronization problem may cause an error to display screen a message saying Outlook data file cannot be configured

Methods to resolve Outlook data record cannot be configured

Here I am listing out some the methods by using which this error have the right to be quickly reresolved simply should follow them systematically and also smartly as per your pertained to.

Check the paths of Outlook records correctly on your system For OST file, just delete the file from the mechanism and also downfill OST records aget Reinstall Outlook, and also Open the files again Try inbuilt Inbox repair tool i.e scanost.exe & scanpst.exe Go with Manual strategy to resolve (.ost) file Fix Outlook File file(.nst) cannot be configured error Solve (.pst) file once Data document error arises Alternating strategy

Manual technique to deal with Outlook file (.ost ) cannot be configured

MS Exchange Server uses an Offline data record (.ost). This form of data paper is a replica of information which is conserved on your mail server. If you encounter any trouble with (.ost) file, then the records have the right to be deleted & downloaded aobtain. Hence we recommend you to redevelop it again quite repair them by any kind of repair tool. Just follow the procedures.

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Exit Outlook Open Control Panel, from regulate panel > type Mail> pick Mail Go to E-Mail accounts. Now, pick the Data Files tab & choose the Exchange account Select Open Data Location. Cshed the Account Settings & the Mail Setup box Get back to the File Explorer home window. Right-click the Exadjust data document (.ost) & select delete alternative.

Note: The following time when you begin Outlook, a brand-new .ost file is produced for the account.

There is a case when your Outlook shows an error saying “your outlook data cannot be configured” pointing towards the (.nst) file. Many type of Outlook customers are unmindful of this file format. So, let us check out it. What is NST file? Mostly it had actually been noticed that MS Outlook customers are unaware of NST data papers. NST file is type of storage file format which is created in Outlook 2016, 2010 etc. It is produced as soon as a user functions in an offline mode. Hence to fix this Outlook error manually adheres to the provided measures.

Manually Fix “Outlook Data record (.nst) cannot be configured”

Tip 1: Verify Windows System for Corruption

-Click on the “Windows + R” -Now, in search box type “cmd” and Enter -Type “sfc/scannow” and then, click enter (*Require Admin Privileges to run this command)

Step 2: Update through latest Windows update

-Go to start -Type Upday, and press enter crucial -Now, a Windows dialog box will show up (If updays are available, install updates)

Tip 3: Clean Unwanted Files

-Press Window + R -Next, kind “Cleanmgr” and push Get in -Then, pick OS partition and click on OK -Click on the Clean Up System Files

These actions will certainly settle the error occur through NST files.

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Solve (.pst) file as soon as Data record error arises through hand-operated techniques

Simply, usage a Scanpst.exe indeveloped function to solve “Outlook data paper cannot be configured” error:

Exit Outlook and do the following: Browse to C:/Program Files: Browse to C:/Program Files (x86) Go to Search box and kind scanpst.exe Open it A new window will show up, enter the name of the .pst file which you want to be check by scanpst.exe Start scanning If scanning gives out any error then pick repair and also resolve it. After it gets completed, Start Outlook with the repaired profile

An Alternate approach: PST Recoexceptionally Software to connumber papers Above mentioned hands-on steps are quite time-consuming processes to fix “Outlook data record cannot be configured” error. So I would certainly prefer to recommend you to go with the PST Recoincredibly Device to recoup and also repair Outlook papers within a second without wasting time. This tool is designed smartly which assistance multiple file formats such as PST, MBOX, DBX, EML, MSG and so on It is fprovided with the smart algorithm through which corrupt and damaged documents deserve to be reextended conveniently. Interestingly, it is extremely compatible via all the significant versions of the Windows-based operating mechanism. Final Verdict

By doing research study about the solutions to fix error reflecting Outlook data file cannot be configured manually as these steps are little bit tricky and also need to be offered by the perchild via a coding background. So for computer novice customers, I have actually presented an alternative and straightforward method which can stamp out the error without a doubt.